Ecommerce Platforms List of Must-Have Features

It is not easy selling via an online shop, especially if you don’t know what it takes. For many online entrepreneurs in Australia, Shopify has been the e-commerce platform of choice. That is because this platform has some essential features that make it possible for anyone to sign up for an online shop and start selling. When it comes to ecommerce platforms list of features that you must have, the following should not lack;


The best e-commerce platforms are scalable in that; they can scale well with your shop as you continue growing and receiving more orders. That way, you will need to make few adjustments depending on your current demands. Scalable software is a perfect platform for any online seller who means business. It does not make sense to open a shop online only to serve a specific number of people without wanting to expand. Although some entrepreneurs still end up picking the wrong platforms, which are non-scalable, it is good to understand that you may be risking your business even more. That is because the only solution for getting rid of a lousy e-commerce platform is finding a better one. The only problem is that during your move, you risk losing a lot. Know that when you shift servers, it can be compared to relocating to a new business location. The consequences usually are; you will lose some customers; there will be fewer people walking into your store once more hence reduced sales. When migrating from one platform to the other, you will risk losing your customers and traffic. Note that both factors need a considerable amount of time to build, and you wouldn’t want to start over. Something else you will be risking is your SEO rank on search engines. Remember that most purchases that are made online begin from search engine results. By losing your rank, your traffic is likely to reduce as well.


We all know how serious cybercrimes can get, especially for e-commerce websites hence site security should be on top of your list. That is because they want both money and information. Without securing your site correctly, you will be putting your business and customers at high risk. There have been so many measures that have been taken to improve security in e-commerce. A platform like Shopify, for example, offers free hosting for their users on specialized e-commerce servers.
The most significant benefit of this is, online shops hosted by the platform are likely to perform better because they are hosted on servers with fewer weaknesses as compared to regular servers. Not only will these servers protect you from hackers, but they will also ensure that your website can operate even with high traffic and numerous orders.
In many cases, online shops have broken down during flash sales because the software backing up the system is unable to cope with the high traffic and orders. To secure your online shop should, therefore, mean that even your business is secured from poor performance. The kind of security that is seen in Shopify is one of the primary reasons why the software is popular in Australia.

Easy product management

When selling online, one of the recommended ways for managing your site is ensuring that it is actively being updated. Also, don’t forget that when buyers are searching for items to buy, they usually want to go for the latest designs that are trending in the market. As the online shop owner, you need to make sure that you focus on showcasing your most recent arrivals.
You’ll also want to ensure that you sell your items fast if you are in an industry like fashion where new designs are always hitting the market. That is because, when they stop being the trend, you will have to sell them even if it means at a loss to clear your stock. To avoid all this, you will require a product management system that will not restrict you.
Understand that when customers log on to your online shop and notice that you always have something new for sale after every few days, they will get the notion that your items are on high demand hence they must be real and of good quality. With that alone, someone is comfortable shopping from you and this is the kind of features you need your software to support.
Most non-scalable e-commerce platforms have rigid product management systems that can drive you crazy. It can be stressful to purchase an e-commerce platform only to find out that you can only have a specific number of items up for sale at a time. Some will even restrict you from changing the products repeatedly, and the worst won’t even allow you to process more than four orders in a day.

Great SEO tools

As mentioned, most online purchases begin from search engines. That is because buyers need to do their research and references before spending their money. That is why you will find that most online shops have an integrated blog platform. Through blog contents, you will be able to build a good ranking for your website by attracting traffic to your site using relevant content.

To make the best out of your blog platform, you will want to hire an expat content creator that understands SEO. Other than finding you on search engine results, having blogs on your site will enable you to build a following of your own. Remember that is someone who does not want to buy something, they are looking for information hence as a smart online entrepreneur; you should be able to provide both for the benefit of traffic.


Running an online shop is enjoyable only if you have put everything in place. To do so, you need to take some good time doing research. Note that managing an online shop is something that so many people have done using only their reading skills. However, it requires careful planning and basic knowledge before you can be able to compete favorably against your rivals. Also don’t forget that the moment you go for a no0n-scalable e-commerce platform, your online shop is deemed to fail unless you migrate to a new platform which you already understand the consequences.