There are market factors that cannot be ignored. One of those has been the increase in online sales made through mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

It, therefore, becomes imperative for entrepreneurs to use an international e-commerce platform that is aware of this trend and has made the necessary adjustment on its platform to accommodate purchases from mobile devices

Consumers rely more on their mobile phones to make purchases in brick and mortar retail stores as well as on online stores. With more than half of all the internet traffic coming from mobile phones and 62 percent of those searches leading to purchases on mobile devices, it is imperative to ensure that your online store is primed for both mobile viewing and purchases.

If you already have an existing online store, check whether the e-commerce platform that you are on is mobile friendly. If it’s not, you should consider switching to one that is because you are missing out on a massive chunk of sales.

However, if you’ve not yet launched your online store make sure that you take advantage of mobile shopping trends by using an e-commerce platform that is supportive of mobile devices.

The Best Mobile friendly E-commerce Platform

Shopify is one of the best mobile friendly e-commerce platforms in terms of maintenance and setting up. 50 percent of the purchases on Shopify are through mobile devices which is adequate proof that it is mobile friendly. This is made possible because Shopify has included a built-in mobile commerce shopping cart feature that allows your customers to not only browse from mobile devices but also make a purchase using mobile phones.

The Shopify theme store has plenty of themes to choose from that will make the user experience just as good as when browsing on a desktop or laptop. With Shopify e-commerce platform, mobile devices using different operating systems such as apple or android can all be able to browse and purchase products.


Shopify has done a great job of making the complex simple. Powering your online store using Shopify makes your selling job easier as all the technical aspects have already been taken care of. More importantly, you would not lose a sale because your store is not mobile friendly.